Our Impact On Your Organization

Having more skilled facilitators in-house, your organization will enjoy less time wasted on the day-to-day meetings and more time-driven towards creative, innovation-building activities initiated and led by dedicated employees such as you.

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Our Impact On You

As a skilled facilitator, you learn how to guide a crowd, anticipate and positively react to change, and present without learning the content beforehand, building your confidence in the face of the unknown.

Our Impact On Your Organization

We’re breaking the cycles of trauma, racism, sexism, individualism, perfectionism, and any other harmful “-isms,” one meeting at a time. By connecting collaboratively with our shared purpose and calling, we can transform our world.

Our Impact On The World

At UFacilitate, we see ourselves in the business of healing from the trauma of racism, sexism, individualism, perfectionism, and many of the other “-isms” that get in the way of us connecting with our humanity to serve a higher purpose and calling. With a skillfully designed event, we can more intentionally transform how these structural elements show up in our shared world.

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UFacilitate exists to coach leaders so they can create the conditions that are needed to drive inclusion and collaboration.

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