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Harnessing Collaboration. Driving Innovation.

UFacilitate exists to coach leaders like you to create the conditions needed to drive inclusion and collaboration among organizational staff and leadership, harnessing the diversity and creativity of your teams and stakeholders.

We work to build your capacity to seamlessly translate relevant principles of organizational development and culture change in a way that plays to your strengths and those of your team, thus helping them stick in the long-term.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all model, you will walk away with concrete learnings and practices that you will be able to contextualize for your team and implement on a daily basis.

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Our Offerings

Our culture change and organizational development program focuses on long-term change through building skills such as self-awareness, managing anxiety in the face of uncertainty, adapting to dynamic situations, and having inclusive conversations and meetings. Given your organization’s impact on your employees, your customers and your community, we believe that these are leadership traits that need to be systematically nourished, strengthened and celebrated in you and your teams.

At UFacilitate, we help organizations and coalitions design and launch innovation labs to bring new energy, new life, and new results to their work. We work alongside your leadership to understand the nuanced social challenges you’re working on, engage and learn from the communities you serve, convene the right cast of characters, and help you launch and develop a thriving in-house innovation lab that is completely your own.

The need to address racial injustice and exclusion, in the US and around the world, is more evident than ever. Leaders that seek to drive inclusion and harness the diversity of their teams require the skills to facilitate difficult conversations that make ourselves and others more closely examine our roles in the spaces around us.