Virginia Lacayo

Conflict resolution, Systems change Culture change, Change management
United States
Virginia Lacayo
Virginia helps audacious, socially conscious leaders to develop a System Thinking Leadership Style they can bring about the impact they seek in their organizations and society while achieving personal, financial and professional freedom. System Thinking approaches allow you unleash collective intelligence and creativity to solve highly complex problems, to promote a culture of learning and innovation, to improve relationships with your teams and among teams and groups, to improve exponentially your level of efficiency and efficacy on all your processes, meetings and systems, to build a sense of belonging and ownership among the members of the organization or community, to promote shared responsibility and reduce resistance to change, to think ahead of time and develop competitive advantages, and to increase your organization’s resilience capacity to quickly and effectively adjust to the changes in the environment. By a System Thinking or Complexity approach to Leadership starts with the leader him/herself. It implies a deep understanding of oneself as a complex adaptive system, to understand the relationship between our thoughts, our emotions, our actions and our results; to manage our mind and emotions in a way that we can be compassionate towards ourselves and others while being able to think strategically and make strategic decisions. A Systemic Leaders is aware that the quality of the interactions is more important for the evolution of the system (organization, company, community or society) than the quality of its individuals and focuses on facilitate a better way to work together and to enable conditions for joint improvement. Her signature programs are: 1. Get Unstuck and Get “the impossible” Done (in an efficient, effective and stress-free manner). 2. Emotional Intelligence, strategic thinking, and resiliency for decision-makers, so they function at their highest level no matter the circumstances. 3. Unleash the Whole System’s potential to solve highly complex problems, develop organizational resiliency, learning, and innovation capacity, decrease resistance to change and to increase competitive advantages and profitability with the right facilitation tools and skills.

Geographic experience

LatAm, North America, Africa, Continental Europe


English, Spanish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

5 years

Experience as a facilitator

25 years

UFacilitator stage


Virginia could lead projects in organizational change, systems thinking, leadership development, communications for change (radio/TV). She is particularly adept at working with the UN system and with corporate organizations.


Communications, community development, leadership development, peace and conflict


  • Mindset training for facilitation Working with the UN system, private sector/corporate organizations
  • Systems thinking, complexity theory, leadership development, organizational change
  • Great at creatively using different methodologies, has also created her own methodologies
  • Great at managing her own anxiety in the face of ambiguous situations and can work well with what is there to adapt to the situation
  • Has experience working in complex multicultural, multi-stakeholder situations, including those with conflict
  • Very structured, has created structured methodologies on her own
  • Great at coaching people in the skill of facilitation

Areas of development and learning

  • Keen to learn new methodologies, tricks, hacks, things that would make technology easier to use.

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