Uduak Amimo

Culture change, Teambuilding, Change management
Uduak Amimo

Uduak Amimo is the founder of Uduak Amimo Coaching and Consulting, a boutique consultancy that equips individuals and organizations to amplify their impact. She uses tools from journalism and coaching to help clients advance their careers and leadership by strengthening their communication skills. She works internationally with social impact and public policy organisations, public officials and media practitioners.
Uduak’s career started in journalism in 1997 and includes roles across radio and television with Reuters Television, the Voice of America and the BBC World Service. She is best known for her work at the BBC and Citizen TV where she hosted flagship programs, Focus on Africa, Network Africa and Cheche. Uduak moderated Kenya’s first presidential election debate in 2013. She anchored the BBC’s coverage of multiple elections across Africa, and was the organisation’s correspondent in Ethiopia. She has coached, mentored and trained journalists around the world.

Uduak is the chairperson and executive director of Ramani Life Group, a charity she founded to offer career guidance to students in under-resourced secondary schools. She is also the founder of The Comms Table, a coaching and mentoring program for young professionals in journalism, communication, and other affiliated industries, that supports their personal and professional development. Her social responsibility work also includes serving as the chairperson of the Advisory Board of the Baraza Media Lab, a donor-funded initiative designed to revitalize Kenya’s media; and as a trustee on the board of Uraia, a national civil society organization in Kenya.

Uduak is also a recipient of the Boehm Media Fellowship; Bloomberg Africa Leadership Initiative Media Fellowship; Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellowship and the Global Social Impact Fellowship.

Uduak graduated cum laude from USIU-A in Nairobi with a B.A. in International Relations. She has an M.A. in Communication and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, DC. Uduak has a Personal Performance Diploma (Distinction) in coaching from The Coaching Academy in London.

Geographic experience




Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

10 years

Experience as a facilitator

15 years

UFacilitator stage


Uduak would be great for leading projects particularly in the sectors of communication, advocacy for social change. If the project is not making the world a better place, Uduak would not be interested in it.


Journalism and media, communication, social justice, food, and nutrition security


  • Communication, media for social change
  • Qualified coach, adapting coaching to the needs of a different situation
  • Training journalists
  • Maintaining accountability for the people she works with
  • Quickly connecting with different types of stakeholders and gaining their trust and confidence
  • Great at keeping calm in the face of ambiguity and adapting as needed
  • Very structured and process-oriented in her facilitation design
  • Able to ask the right question to coach the clients and co-design the facilitation plan

Areas of development and learning

  • Keen to learn new tools for facilitation, and grow with the Community
  • Adapting manner of communication as per the needs of the group, being direct vs. indirect in different contexts

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