Sumangal Haldar

Sumangal Haldar
Sumangal is a coach for in-service and pre-service teachers. He has helped more than 300 teachers in a span of less than one and a half years to realize their potentials, by motivating them and helping them become effective speakers and communicators. Prior to this, he has also coached undergraduate students (more than 5000) helping them put their best skills forward as they venture into new life and culture. Given testimonial speaks a lot about him: “I always admire Sumangal sir for his humble nature and ever-smiling face. Communication…comes very naturally to him, as he weighs every word, gives examples, and convinces you at the same time. In conversations with the management, I have always seen him dissolving hard negotiations with ease…” He also received the Best Teacher Award and an award “NIPUN” for his overall contribution of exceptional order from the SRM Group of Professional Colleges. He is an amateur artist a photographer and an agronomist because he indulges in learning things that interest him. Presently he is an Academic Advisor to a School and an Editor of a Webzine: Genesis.

Geographic experience

Bengali, South Asia



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

12 years

Experience as a facilitator

2 years

UFacilitator stage


Sumangal has a lot of experience working with youth in an academic setup. He will benefit a lot from learning facilitation skills and practices through the Community, and will be able to use that to have an impact on the teachers he currently trains. He prefers projects and trainings that are focused on action rather than jargon.


Education, skill development, employability


  • Methodologies used: Art of Hosting, SWOT analysis, Johari Window
  • Great at working with students, youth, particularly at helping them express, training them
  • Expertise in oral and written communication, leadership presence
  • Has experience training teachers from different backgrounds and ages
  • Truly understands the culture of working with people from different backgrounds in South Asia
  • Gets highly involved in his work with students, goes above and beyond
  • Deep understanding of the education sector in India
  • Experience with data collection and research

Areas of development and learning

  • Keen to learn new methodologies for facilitation, as long as they are focused on implementation and aren’t just theoretical
  • Using different methodologies to create a clear facilitation process, so as to be able to coach people on it
  • Virtual facilitation skills
  • Building capability to manage ambiguity and adapt as per the situation
  • Improving coaching capability specifically for coaching in facilitation

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