Steve Brigham

Culture change, Teambuilding, Change management
United States
Steve Brigham
Steve Brigham has been a leader in the public engagement and multi-stakeholder collaboration field over the past nineteen years, first in his role as COO and then President of AmericaSpeaks, and now as one of three principals in Public Engagement Associates. In that time, he has led or managed more than 250 public and multi-stakeholder facilitation and engagement projects. Nationally and internationally, his client multi-stakeholder projects have included World Economic Forum, The Belgian Biodiversity Platform, Clinton Global Initiative, the National Summit to Defend Democracy, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and a national youth obesity initiative (Shaping America’s Youth). In the Washington, DC area, he has led multi-stakeholder facilitation and engagement projects for a wide range of public, non-profit, and philanthropic sector clients, tackling complex policy and problem-solving projects. Steve also frequently designs and facilitates strategic meetings and retreats for non-profits. These clients include: • Academy of Natural History • American Association of Community Colleges • Arms Control Association • Fissile Materials Working Group • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health • National Alliance on Mental Illness • National Breast Cancer Coalition • National Museum of Natural History • National Partnership for Public Service • Purple Line Corridor Coalition

Geographic experience

North America



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

10 years

Experience as a facilitator

25 years

UFacilitator stage


Steve would be great in leading projects on community development, land use planning, transportation, workforce development, and public engagement for a wide range of public policy and planning issues. . He would be less suited to highly technical projects that would be outside his domain knowledge. He is also not interested in projects where the leaders’ political leanings are focused on far-right-wing issues or policies.


Public engagement, public policy, organizational development, healthcare, mental health for youth, neighbourhood redevelopment, land-use planning, transit and transportation


  • Public engagement, public policy, organizational development, healthcare, mental health for youth, neighborhood redevelopment, land-use planning, transit and transportation
  • How to work with local government agencies, government leaders, non-profit leaders, foundation leaders
  • Meeting design
  • Liberating Structures
  • Great at maintaining calm in the face of ambiguity, adapting as needed
  • Experience working in complex long-term, multi-stakeholder projects
  • Great at innovating on the fly

Areas of development and learning

  • Keen to diversify facilitation work into other sectors (other than public engagement)
  • Keen to work on projects focused on racial equity, structural racism, and systems of oppression.
  • Building coaching skills and doing more work in coaching

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