Stephan Dohrn

Stephan Dohrn

Stephan Dohrn is a change facilitator and remote work expert. He believes a better world is possible and loves creating processes and systems that transform people and organizations from the inside out. Stephan envisions a future of work, where we use technology to live empowered lives based on trust and kindness. He began his career managing and curating communities of practice inside international organizations on topics like poverty reduction, food security, natural resource management, and gender equality. In this role, he started experimenting with online tools to connect people and help them collaborate across time zones and organizational boundaries. In 2009, Stephan co-founded Radical Inclusion as one of the first consulting companies to offer remote team development when companies still thought that online collaboration was just another fad. His experience as a leader, consultant, and advisor is that in high-level complex scenarios, there are no instructions. Sustainable change is about understanding what holds us back from realizing our potential and engaging with those around us to co-create our emergent future. Originally from Germany, Stephan lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with his wife and 2 kids.

Geographic experience

North America, Latin America (Central and South America), Africa, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand


English, Portuguese, German

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

8 years

Experience as a facilitator

21 years

UFacilitator stage


Food and agriculture, Environmental Sustainability, Education, Gender Equity, self-help groups, women-led businesses, International development, First nations & aboriginal rights, Policymaking, Entrepreneurship, Natural Resource Rights (Land, water, forests), Remote work transition for nonprofits, governance of network organizations, Climate justice/action


  • Systems thinking or systems practice
  • Can combine various methods and tools: World Cafe, Art of Hosting, Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design (IDEO, Stanford school, Darden or any other school of thought), Theory U, Liberating Structures, SWOT analysis, Open Space Technology aka Open Space aka unconference, Somatics, Agile
  • Consulting and training experience
  • Working with International Organizations
  • Working with global and online teams
  • Facilitating leadership conferences, facilitating online

Areas of development and learning

About us
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