Sarah Forrester-Wilson

Systems change
Sarah Forrester-Wilson
Sarah is an experienced process designer, facilitator and Sustainability Consultant. She has worked with systems change and complexity issues for over eight years in a widely international setting. She has a passion for systemic transformation that works on all levels of the I, we and it, and is a strong advocate for interventions that address not only the cognitive realm, but also that of the somatic and the spiritual. She has worked as an independent consultant, providing contextually crafted support for organisations working in both social and environmental justice and has a particular interest when working with groups where both the social and the environmental intersect. She is a passionate facilitator and a strong believer for co-creative, participatory methods that build capacity amongst the participants. She has run multiple large international trainings on various topics including leading in complexity, holistic leadership, strategic sustainability, systems thinking and creative facilitation methods. Sarah has a strong background in Social Lab design and delivery, and has a high class Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability.

Geographic experience

Continental Europe, United Kingdom



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

3 years

Experience as a facilitator

11 years

UFacilitator stage


Sarah could lead projects in the sectors of environment sustainability, scientific work, energy, systems thinking, and embodied work


Environment sustainability, scientific work, energy


  • Methodologies creatively used: Complexity theory, Theory U, Dragon Dreaming, design thinking
  • Great at working on complex, systemic projects Extremely calm and able to manage her anxiety well
  • Embodied work Working with entrepreneurs and scientists, international organizations, and NGOs
  • Great at process design, likes to take her time to create a structured process

Areas of development and learning

  • How to translate systems work online, best practices
  • Sarah has limited experience with coaching and would like to develop that
  • Learning about other contexts where Sarah has less experience
  • Creating visual materials

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