Rizwaan Akhtar

Rizwaan Akhtar

Rizwaan Akhtar is a mission-driven professional with over a decade of experience in leadership development, program design, facilitation, and people management. His purpose is to enable individuals to unlock their potential to create positive social change and foster inclusive communities. His expertise includes team building, strategic planning, curriculum design, training and facilitation, youth development, diversity and inclusion, strategic planning, and risk management.

Geographic experience

North America



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

7 years

Experience as a facilitator

12 years

UFacilitator stage


Environmental sustainability, Education, Skill development and employability, International development, Peace and conflict, Race equity.


  • Appreciative inquiry, World Cafe, Art of Hosting, Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design, Liberating Structures, Scenario planning, SWOT analysis, RACI, Open Space Technology aka Open Space aka unconference¬†
  • Good at facilitating the experiential learning cycle, debriefs
  • Intergroup dialogue facilitation (like Circle)
  • Lots of experience with identity-based work with people who identify as Muslim
  • Design thinking

Areas of development and learning

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