Norah Bwaya

Culture change, Teambuilding Change management
Norah Bwaya
A pioneer in, and veteran of, the coaching industry in East Africa. Norah believes in the vast potential of people. She is known for her effectiveness in leadership development and for spearheading advocacy for improving work culture and ethics in Uganda. She is a multi-skilled Certified Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Facilitator/trainer, public speaker and author. Her working experience spans across 4 careers (Accountancy, Marketing, Insurance, Coaching) in 21 countries across 3 continents (Africa, Europe, America). She has supported top-tier executives in over 100 organizations across several sectors: Petroleum, health, banking, hospitality, insurance, beverages and development sector. Has served, and still serves, on numerous development and private sector Boards. She founded the first coaching firm in East Africa—Coach Africa Ltd. and Institute of Work Culture and Ethics. She holds a Doctorate in Executive Performance from Middlesex University and is a credentialed Professional Coach (ICF).

Geographic experience




Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

15 years

Experience as a facilitator

23 years

UFacilitator stage


Norah could lead UFacilitate projects in East Africa, around her areas of strength. She could collaborate with other UFacilitator Leads on projects that are in other parts of the world, so as to build her contextual knowledge and skill of operating in other regions.


Healthcare, Leadership Development, Organizational development


  • Working on multi-stakeholder, long-term, complex projects
  • Managing Anxiety in the face of ambiguity and adapting as needed
  • Great at coaching people in the skill of facilitation
  • Coaching, leadership development, organizational development, culture change initiatives
  • Identifying the root cause and dynamics of a group
  • Working with corporate organizations
  • Highly result-oriented
  • Keeping an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Developing a concrete action plan

Areas of development and learning

  • Exposure to projects in other regions of the world
  • Design thinking, human-centered design related projects

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