Michael Brouri

Culture change, Teambuilding
United States
Michael Brouri

Michael Brouri is an experienced facilitation consultant with more than a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector and higher education. Michael specializes in meeting design, facilitation, and coaching using Liberating Structures and has recently worked with clients including the White House, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, and many national and local NGOs. Michael has worked to advance civic engagement and innovation with the Global Social Enterprise Institute at Georgetown University, the Arkansas Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support, and the Miami Dade College Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy. He is passionate about people, politics, and his Catahoula Leopard Dog, Ruth.

Geographic experience

North America



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

Experience as a facilitator

UFacilitator stage


Michael would be great at leading projects particularly in the sectors where he feels comfortable (Higher education, non-profit, healthcare, human services, intergenerational facilitation, government). He could work collaboratively with other facilitators on global projects and on virtual facilitation projects.


Higher education, non-profit, healthcare, human services, intergenerational facilitation, government


  • Methodologies creatively used: Liberating Structures, Study Circle
  • Comfortable with longer-term engagements, multi-day projects
  • Great at relationship building, understanding, and working with the dynamics in a room
  • Designing a pathway to achieve the objectives of the event, meeting
  • Expert at Liberating Structures
  • Able to manage anxiety in the face of ambiguity, and adapt the facilitation process as needed

Areas of development and learning

  • Taking on global projects
  • Working virtually, tools for virtual facilitation

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