Mary Njenga Murimi

Culture change, Teambuilding, Change management
Mary Njenga Murimi

Mary Njenga Murimi is a Certified Organizational Development (OD) Consultant and Accredited Executive Coach. She works as an Organizational Development and Development Consultant based in Nairobi-Kenya with assignments in Africa, North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The main focus of her work is Organizational Development, Change Management, Leadership Development, Executive,team,leadership Coaching, Training, Process Facilitation and Moderation.

Mary holds two Masters Degrees in Sociology and Organizational Development and currently she is writing a PhD thesis on Transformational Leadership. Her past and current clients are in the public sector, International Non-Governmental Organizations and the private sector. Some of her clients in the past have been Parliaments of Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania, devolved governments in Kenya, International NGOs among them OXFAM, Global YWCA, Women for Women International  Amnesty International; International Secretariat, Amnesty International UK section, Kenya Section and Regional offices in East, Southern and Western Africa, Europe and Asia, Plan International East, Southern, Middle East Regional Office, IPPF Africa Regional Office, Action Aid, SNV, DAI, VSO, WWF, UN Agencies and  donor agencies such as USAID and GIZ.

Geographic experience

South Asia



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

15 years

Experience as a facilitator

28 years

UFacilitator stage


Mary would be great at leading projects that are multi-sector and involve change management, organizational development, and community development. She has experience working with NGOs, government, and corporate leaders.

Mary enjoys the freedom to design the process and facilitate them.


Health, education, community development, water, roads, agricultural development


  • Organizational development
  • Organizational mergers and change processes
  • Executive Coaching, working with leaders at different levels
  • Working with clients from the private sector, NGOs, Government, and International Organizations
  • Process facilitation, planning, team development, systemic coaching, strategy planning, moderation of processes, training
  • World cafe
  • Mixing different methodologies creatively to create a process to achieve different types of objectives
  • Has experience with complex projects that are multi-sector, multi-stakeholder and involve conflict and change management

Areas of development and learning

  • Learning new facilitation tools and techniques
  • Building additional skills to coach people and facilitation

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