Marta Agnieszka Bednarczyk

Marta Agnieszka Bednarczyk

Marta Agnieszka Bednarczyk (Maz, they/them) is an expert in intercultural education with more than eight years of experience developing and delivering training courses, workshops, and e-learning activities on human rights, global citizenship, non-formal education, and more. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees in International Security and Ugrofinnic Studies, and a Master’s degree in Crisis Management. At the beginning of her academic career, she specialized in Finland’s national security system and its impact on the Baltic Sea region. She later went on to research peace education as a tool for building human security at the grassroots level. During her studies, Marta worked tirelessly as a volunteer coordinator and brand manager at Youth For Understanding (YFU) – an international organization dedicated to intercultural education through youth exchange programs. At YFU, she gained experience as a trainer and facilitator in the areas of intercultural communication, social inclusion, and global competence. Through a variety of international projects, Marta has gained skills in project management, event coordination, team building, and youth work. After graduation, she focused on minority rights in Lithuania and interned at the European Foundation of Human Rights, a non-governmental organization that helps victims of human rights violations and hate speech. After graduation, she began working as a publicist and radio commentator in the local language-minority media. She regularly uses her voice to advocate for women’s empowerment, gender and racial equality, social justice, and sustainable living. Since the beginning of 2021, Marta has been serving as Training Manager Fellow at Atlas Corps, coordinating components of the Global Leadership Lab and Virtual Leadership Institute programs, including keynote speakers, interactive workshops, self-led activities, discussion groups, and community-building activities with leading U.S. organizations and international leaders.

Geographic experience

North America, Latin America (Central and South America), Africa, Continental Europe, South-East Asia


English, Spanish, Polish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)


Experience as a facilitator


UFacilitator stage


Education, Skill development and employability, Gender equity, self-help groups, women-led businesses, Peace and conflict, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Communication


  • 6 thinking hats, World Cafe, SWOT analysis, Open Space Technology aka Open Space aka unconference, Kolb's Experiential Learning, Forum Theatre/Theatre of the Oppressed, Games of Actors and Non-Actors (Augusto Boal), Compass (Council of Europe), Coloured Glasses (YFU)
  • Non-Formal & Experiential Learning, Intercultural Communication, Global Citizenship, NAOMMIE (Planning Tool), Intercultural Sensitivity Development, Theories of Culture & Cultural Adaptation, Volunteer Management, Learning & Teaching Styles, Group Dynamics & Team Management
  • Areas of particular expertise: Training events or conferences (1-7 days) run by NGOs/non-profits for young and adult learners (15-35 years old); non-formal & experiential learning; e-learning
  • Running virtual programs
  • Project management, leading project coordination teams

Areas of development and learning

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