Laura Ines Romero

Laura Ines Romero

Laura Ines Romero is a change agent who combines deep questions and creativity to drive the deep changes needed at individuals, leaders, teams and cultural levels. She is focused in creating powerful employee engagement experiences, developing impactful leaders and empowering virtual and multicultural teams with more than 10+ yrs as a leader, change agent, coach and cultural change leader. She has been working with teams across different continents (Europe, Asia and America). Laura is passionate about creating the workplace’s change that new generations are calling for. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and a Certified Coach from ICC (International Coaching Community). Laura is also writing and illustrating books for kids and adult’s inner child and she is leading an emotional education program for young adults between 18 to 23 yrs.

Geographic experience

North America, Latin America (Central and South America), United Kingdom, Continental Europe, South Asia


English, Spanish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

6 years

Experience as a facilitator

6 years

UFacilitator stage


Education, Skill development and employability, Gender equity, self-help groups, women-led businesses, Technology


Areas of development and learning

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