Jesus Hernandez

Product or service design, Innovation, Systems change
Jesus Hernandez
Pedagogue specialized in technology, with post-graduate studies on systems thinking, design thinking and a masters on innovation in education for sustainability at the University of the Environment. Founder of Hevas Innovation and Sistemico, Socio-environmental Regeneration. As a consultant he has conducted himself with a strong commitment to social innovation, integrating a systems perspective and connecting different actors into regenerative actions in his projects, creating a vibrant network of collaborators who share the will to make this a better world for everybody. Jesús is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist and he is part of the Vibrancy international network. He also facilitates Action Research and Storytelling at the University of the Environment. His experience with a diversity of educational, cultural, social, business and international cooperation organizations in Mexico, North America and Latin America has allowed him to generate a sensibility to the different wishes, dreams, interests and possibilities of his clients and collaborators to co-design innovative strategies to detonate their maximum potential.

Geographic experience

North America, LatAm


English, Spanish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

10 years

Experience as a facilitator

20 years

UFacilitator stage


Jesus would be great at leading projects particularly in education, skill development, and teacher training. He is willing to take on projects where the organization’s work doesn’t align with his values, as long as his work with them can influence a change in their values as long as they are open to it.


Education, social and environmental issues, skill development


  • Education (working with schools), social and environmental issues, skill development
  • Training teachers
  • Collective transformation
  • Make people create and ideate Design thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Organizational models
  • Diagnosis and innovation plans
  • Expert at helping people create and innovate
  • Able to ask the right coaching questions to co-design the facilitation plan and build facilitation skills

Areas of development and learning

  • Keen to learn more about complexity theory
  • Designing structured facilitation plans

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