Jessica Brockmann

Jessica Brockmann

Jessica Brockmann considers the word as one of the main keys to change, growth, collaboration, relationships and any kind of pursuit. Language is the foundation of our day to day life, so how to use language, how to use the word in order to transform it again into something honest, authentic and powerful. Everything we do, everything we are in this world starts with the word, the inner one, creating our own realities. With an entrepreneurial background, Jessica Brockmann took over roles in Marketing and Sales, became a Startup Founder in Tourism and Energy Supply and worked as a Freelancer establishing Digital Architecture including organizational and structural changes within companies before she left her established life to find answers to life changing questions arising from an inner calling. Outgrown of an old story, she finds herself on a quest to remember what it means to be human. Rediscovering the word as one key aspect to create, to participate and to transform first ourselves, then the world surrounding us. She is an Artist, an Author and a Mirror for every human being, ready to face his or her own limiting narrative.

Geographic experience

Continental Europe



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

9 years

Experience as a facilitator

9 years

UFacilitator stage


Skill development and employability, Energy, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership (from her style and perspective)


Areas of development and learning

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