Hillary Trudell

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Strategy
United States
Hillary Trudell

Hilary Trudell is a facilitator, producer and educator with over 15 years experience in the field of public service and the arts. She specializes in community engagement, team building, arts education, and providing a platform for storytelling and advocacy.  For the past six years, Hilary has worked as the Director of Local Programming and Regional Outreach at the Clinton School of Public Service leading first-year student teams through their first field work experience. Prior to taking this position, Hilary worked with volunteer steering committees across the United States for the Human Rights Campaign, leading them through strategic planning retreats and guiding them through productive conflict. In 2017, Hilary founded a storytelling initiative called The Yarn, whose mission is to amplify voices, build understanding, and create a space for human connection. Currently completing The Yarn’s fourth season, Hilary and her team have produced over 20 shows to date. Since moving back to Arkansas in 2015, Hilary has personally coached over 250 people in efforts to help them share their stories succinctly, effectively and with impact. Hilary’s facilitation expertise includes team building; action planning; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and coaching teams on how to leverage their stories to build stronger cohorts and market their products and services more effectively.

Geographic experience



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

5 years

Experience as a facilitator

13 years

UFacilitator stage


Hilary would be great at collaborating with other facilitators to design and facilitate in entrepreneurship, healthcare, and other sectors.


Healthcare, Education, Skill development and employability, Gender equity, self-help groups, women-led businesses, Race equity, Entrepreneurship


  • Appreciative inquiry, World Cafe, Liberating Structures, SWOT analysis, Open Space Technology aka Open space aka unconference, National Issues Forum (NIF)
  • Background in theatre
  • Expertise in working with entrepreneurs and in the healthcare system
  • Using personality assessments to understand work styles and team dynamic
  • Expertise in understanding and working with team dynamics

Areas of development and learning

  • Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design, 6 Thinking Hats, and System Thinking.
  • More projects that are global

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