Harouna Abdolaye

Strategy Culture change, Teambuilding
Harouna Abdolaye

Dynamic, and committed leader and manager with 21+ year of experience in organizational management, strategic planning, and business development focusing on social cohesion and peace consolidation, on countering stigmatization and reducing the filling of marginalization of community at risk, on community mobilization and on countering violence extremism with community based resilience approach.

Exceptional interpersonal talents, able to bring together community leaders, local organizations, and government agencies to consolidate strategies of dialogue, and stability. Excellent project management skills, capable of building effective and enthusiastic teams to complete projects on time, within budget, and with tangible impact.

Harouna Abdoulaye participated as a panelist at the United Nations General Assembly on the Rehabilitation and Reintegration process of former violent extremists in September 2017. He is also a facilitator and leadership advisor and experienced in Art of Living and personal development.

He is seeking for opportunities to share his experiences and to learn and adapt from others experiences in order to foster his sense of creativity and innovation.

Geographic experience

North America


English, French, Haoussa

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

2 years

Experience as a facilitator

7 years

UFacilitator stage


Harouna does excellent work with the communities in West Africa. He will start off with UFacilitate as a Journeyer, where he will be exposed to tools and techniques to help structure his facilitation. Once he has more knowledge of these, he will work collaboratively with project leads (senior facilitators) to implement and refine his skills.

Note: Internet is an issue where Harouna is, and he will need to figure out how to solve that so as to benefit from the UFacilitate Community.


Radicalizations, community mobilization, Media activities, community radios, reintegration and rehabilitation


  • Knowledge of communities in the region
  • Community mobilization
  • Community radio
  • Media activities
  • Managing radicalizations and other similar complex situations
  • Reintegration and rehabilitation
  • Coaching people in his team to become leaders

Areas of development and learning

  • How to be a good coach in the skill of facilitation
  • The process design of facilitation plans using different frameworks, tools, and activities, how to creatively integrate different methodologies

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