Brooking Gatewood

Systems change, Culture change, Product or service design
United States
Brooking Gatewood
Brooking Gatewood helps leaders and groups clarify and enact the change they want in themselves, in their workplaces, and in our shared world. As a process designer, facilitator, collaboration coach and strategist, her work is rooted in the belief that we must co-liberate individual agency and collective capacity to truly change systems and culture. Brooking has designed, managed, and facilitated countless group meetings, retreats, conferences, and workshops for leaders, teams, organizations, alliances, networks and movements. She has designed and stewarded complex processes for conflict transformation, culture change, strategy development, public input and collective action. Partners have come from all kinds of backgrounds including academia, philanthropy, government, industry, small business and social enterprise, nonprofit and community organizing. Project topics have included patient-powered healthcare, destigmatizing illness, affordable housing, natural resource management, safeguarding democracy, science-policy interaction, human and animal rights, pollution and environmental justice, collaborative philanthropy and corporate responsibility. Some of her design work has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (Creating Breakout Innovation, 2017). Before co-founding The Emergence Collective, Brooking was privileged to work and learn with mentors and colleagues at Groupaya, Ag Innovations, Adaptive Edge and Global Footprint Network. She has a BA in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College and a research-focused MA in Organizations and Management Theory from UC-Irvine. She has additional training in systems theory, circling, coaching and counseling, racial equity, group dynamics, facilitation, mediation, and mindfulness. She hosts The Indisposable Podcast, has a TedX talk on the power of poetry as a form of listening, and has co-authored a number of reports, articles, and book chapters as part of her client work and academic training. When not working or poeticizing, she enjoys hiking, dancing, and hosting community gatherings in her east Los Angeles home

Geographic experience

North America, Continental Europe, South-East Asia, Australia & NZ



Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

5 years

Experience as a facilitator

10 years

UFacilitator stage


Brooking will be an excellent Lead for projects in systems change, culture change, community/networking building, and eLearning course design, particularly when working with academia, government, non-profit organizations, healthcare, environmental sustainability, social and environmental justice.


Environment sustainability, eLearning, social and environmental justice, healthcare


  • Systems change
  • Culture change
  • eLearning course design
  • Networking/community building
  • Individual trauma responses and how to work with them, how to read the dynamics in a room and work with them, great at working in situations of ambiguity and adapting
  • Extremely process-oriented and structured
  • Good at coaching people in the skill of facilitation
  • Working with academia/government/ non-profit organizations
  • Methodologies creatively used: Theory U, IDEO design process, systems thinking/mapping, human-centered design, design sprint, scenario planning, 100 question exercise, simple ethnography, futures thinking, SWOT analysis, Rubberband visioning, Holacracy, RACI, Charter development, Relationship contracts, Open Space, World Cafe, Conversation Cafe, Dialogue Theatre, Bohemian Dialogue, T group, Appreciative Inquiry, Non-violent communication, Fishbowls

Areas of development and learning

  • Embodied, playful practices

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