Anuj Kothari

Innovation, Product or Service design, Teambuilding
Anuj Kothari
Anuj is a product, technology, education, and leadership enthusiast. He is an engineer by education and has worked in the capacity of technology & product leader, marketing manager, and UX designer in corporations and startups. Currently, he runs a Performance Marketing Agency where they deliver performance to the client and develop unique products internally. He loves to travel and teach. Most of his free time is spent on either small and large treks or working with non-profits. He has been associated majorly with U&I Trust, which is a volunteer-driven organization that teaches kids in underprivileged areas of 25 cities in India. His facilitation experience is a mixture of managing professional teams and building communities in U&I. Professionally, at multiple companies, he has built engineering and product teams of the size of 10-30 people and led them. Apart from the usual work, he tries to give enough time to coaching and skilling team members to take up bigger roles as they grow and to create performing teams while resolving and even harnessing conflicts with growth. His work with U&I has been fulfilling and with tons of learning. His role there has been constantly evolving, from setting up the Mumbai chapter 5 years back to now mentoring chapter leaders, who train 40 leaders at individual centers. He does periodic training with all these leaders to mentor them on this path through fun activities and continuous reflections. His goal for most people who join the community is to give them one of their crucible moments in life which makes them have gratitude for whatever they have in life and to appreciate everyone they have. Most people stick with the community for 2-3 years and more often than not, they achieve the goal, which helps build leaders for life.

Geographic experience

South Asia


English, Hindi

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

6 years

Experience as a facilitator

5 years

UFacilitator stage


Anuj would be good at leading projects that involve product development in education and/or technology, design thinking, UX design, and culture building for technology teams. Projects that involve sensitive topics and have higher complexity are not his forte, and he could co-lead on those projects.


Education, Skill development and employability, Technology, Entrepreneurship


  • Methodologies creatively used: 6 thinking hats, design thinking, and human-centered design, SWOT analysis, Lean, UX design, Agile, Flippen tools
  • Extensive experience working with technology teams and product development
  • Innovating a new product and process
  • Extensive experience with education and skilling, particularly ed-tech

Areas of development and learning

  • Improving his own leadership presence
  • Managing large projects in training and facilitation
  • Analyzing requirements for projects

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