Annabel Membrillo

Strategy, Systems change, Change management
Annabel Membrillo
I have met many people thinking, feeling and acting differently. They are following new rules, new ways to connect themselves and with others, new ways to live and to be at service of life. I am witnessing this transformation in the world knowing that there is still a lot to do. But also with certainty that the ground is ready, and the tipping point of the shift of consciousness is getting closer, and every one of us needs to be open to “listen” to the call. Being a co-conspirator for this evolution, naming “movements”, connecting kindred spirits, nourish global communities is an important process for this shift that is part of my life contribution and commitment. Annabel´s gifts at a glance:
  • Strategic Planning: vast experience in consulting, advising, designing strategic tools and methodologies for the development of high leverage initiatives, decision making and organizational transformation in a wide range of fields and groups (business, not-for-profit, government, communities, corporations). The frameworks she applies includes systems thinking and systems dynamics mapping, scenario planning, stakeholders and resources analysis, ecosynomics, among others. She also brings a lens of integration to weave different approaches and work done inside groups.
  • Transformational and Learning Journeys: social experiments designing collective processes according to the evolutionary stage of collectives, readiness to move forward, design of relational structures and assembly of teams using several participatory tools and methodologies for collaboration, have been part of her contributions to transformative experiences. This comes with supporting individuals to found and realize their potential through learning experiences design and implementation.

Geographic experience

North America, LatAm


English, Spanish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

5 yeas

Experience as a facilitator

23 years

UFacilitator stage


Annabel would be great at leading long-term, systemic/strategic projects, particularly in education and community building. She is less interested in short-term, one-off projects, particularly in policymaking.


All, especially education and community building


  • Experience in many sectors, especially education and community building
  • Systems change, collective transformation, complexity approach
  • Strategy planning
  • Creative integration of multiple methodologies: Ecosynamics, strategic clarity, theory of the firm, theory of everything
  • Curriculum design
  • Simplifying complex concepts and situations
  • Extremely calm in the face of ambiguity, able to adapt as needed
  • Has experience working on long-term, multi-stakeholder, systemic projects.
  • Process-oriented and structured
  • Great at coaching in the skill of facilitation, helping clients understand the reasons, and co-designing with them

Areas of development and learning

  • Learning new facilitation tools and techniques

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