Ana Lucia

Conflict resolution
Ana Lucia
Ana Lucía is co-founder of iA8 and Coalescer. She also coordinates the BA in Entrepreneurship and Socio Environmental Projects in the University of the Environment (based in Mexico). iA8 is a collaborative global platform for addressing systemically strategic pathways for organizations and societies. Coalescer is a civil organization dedicated to support and nourish territorial organization and socioenvironmental regeneration processes in Colombia and Latin America. Ana Lucía is an anthropologist and agro-ecologist who applies ecologic design models, participatory tools and liberating structures to catalyze collective intelligence. She facilitates collaborative processes to enable the expression of the highest potential of any place, organization or community, and to develop creative solutions to social and environmental problems. Specializing in education, community development and sustainability, she has designed and facilitated over 50 workshops and learning experiences with rural communities, academic and learning communities, teenagers, farmers cooperatives, civil society organizations, research networks, and indigenous peoples. Ana is passionate about alternative education, and has a smooth and structured facilitation style. Her coaching and facilitation are always looking for ways to develop other people’s capacity, cultivating a growth mindset and acknowledging people’s unique talents.

Geographic experience

North America, LatAm


English, Spanish

Experience as a coach (formal/informal)

3 years

Experience as a facilitator

5 years

UFacilitator stage


Ana Lucia would be great at working collaboratively on projects that particularly are in the sectors of food and agriculture, food systems, community-based projects, and education.


Food and agriculture, Environmental sustainability, Education, Peace and conflict, First nations & aboriginal rights, Policymaking, Entrepreneurship


  • Methodologies creatively used: Appreciative Inquiry, Systems thinking or systems practice, 6 thinking hats, World Cafe, Art of Hosting, TheoryU, Liberating Structures, Scenario planning, SWOT analysis, RACI, Holacracy, Open Space Technology aka Open Space aka unconference
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Ethnography and participant observation
  • Journaling
  • Extensive experience working with community-based projects

Areas of development and learning

  • Enable participation of people who do not have reading/writing skills or whose learning style isn't necessarily verbal/logical/visual.
  • Develop facilitation tools to work with oral communities
  • Design learning processes that allow people to read the system they are engaging with in order to make better decisions
  • Getting more practice with coaching
  • Working on projects outside of the familiar geographic, cultural and sectoral context

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